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I am not a big fan of time swapping in books anyway, but when the author jumps around from then to now to before then and back it sometimes left me wondering what was going on. Overall it is worth a read, but I thought there was a certain hollowness to the writing. Consequently I'll never ever know how he would have ended it. I think the book made it on my unread shelf because a year ago another book called Drood ? forget the author? as released to glowing reviews. How could I read Drood without reading the original? I wondered. Now it's obviously time to go buy Drood, read it whenever, and find out if the whole Droodian thingy was a success. The things I noticed while reading The Mystery of Edwin Drood were bits of writing that impressed me, unfamiliar words, and language oddities (at least things I found odd IMHO).

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The daylight images make him look much less evil than Brake’s though and almost like he aged quite a bit. The face the makeup, to me at least is the best shoot of the nk face until now. Brake was busy with other projects during S6 filming so hoping he had free time this time. No, but I did prefer him to Furdik’s season 6 version. I do think the villainous gait, pace, mannerisms were superior in Brake’s version and in that regard the difference between a trained actor and a stunt actor showed. My sister and I binged watched “Fortitude” and he was AMAZING. Now I am a huge fan and sooo excited he is back for this season of GOT. Beric Dondarrion should be alive, playing a meaningful role in the Great War. It just makes more sense for him to be there, with Thoros of Myr by his side, fighting the great other than having Catelyn’s zombie leading the men. At least that is my opinion up to this point, GRRM had better make Stoneheart pay off in the books, since Beric Dondarrion has passed on there.


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